Selected meats (home pate, foals vermicelli, smoked duck breast)
Seafood selection (octopus salad, white fish in curry sauce, bacalar)
Tabbouleh selection (hummus, tabbouleh salad, lentils Arabic style)
Mozzarella Buffala with tomato, pesto Genovese and basil
Beef carpaccio with rucola
Smoked tuna carpaccio with fresh fennel
Swordfish carpaccio or Octopus carpaccio 
Marinated white fish sashimi with salmon roe  
Prosciutto with olives
Summer beef tartar - for two
Cold Nona meat plate (prosciutto, pancetta, mortadella, Grana Padano, olives) - for two
Bruschettas (with lardo, tomato and basil, marine)
Avocado spread with tomato and toasted bread - for two


Caesar salad with bacon and egg
Garden salad with chicken fillet and sunflower seeds
Salad with squid and king prawns
Pieces of grilled tuna on salad with lime
King’s salad with salmon, herbs and croutons  
Your choice of salad from the salad bar:     - small
                                                         - medium
                                                         - large



Beef soup with noodles
Porcini soup
Ginger soup
Creamy tomato soup with basil and zuccini 



Spaghetti or tagliolini aglio olio peperoncino
Tagliatelle with tomato and basil
Tagliatelle a’la Arrabbiata 
Tagliatelle siciliana
Ravioli with siciliana sauce and mozzarella cheese 
Spaghetti or tagliolini carbonara with pancetta and Grana Padano
Tagliatelle with pancetta and truffles
Istrian fuzhi with pancetta and tarragon
Tagliatelle with king prawns and lemon cream
Tagliatelle with shrimp, tomato and peperoncino
Cuttlefish tagliatelle with monkfish and cherry tomato
Tagliatelle or risotto with shrimp and porcini
Risotto with porcini and fried rucola
Tagliatelle with seafood – for two
Risotto with seafood – for two 
Creamy spinach risotto with St. Jaques clams 




Escargot au gratin with garlic-herb butter 
Scallops grilled or au gratin 1 pcs (St. Jaques clam)
Seafood selection (tagliatelle with monkfish, St. Jaques clam, XXXL King prawn) – for two                                     Aubergine with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
Grilled courgettes and aubergines
Fried courgettes and aubergines with light tartar sauce
Porcini or chanterelle frittata (seasonal)
Grilled porcini (seasonal) 



Miso soup with vegetables and tofu 
Ginger soup with king prawn
Asian noodles with chicken and vegetables
Mix grill (lamb cutlets, King prawn XXXL, spicy sausage)
Tuna steak Asian styla with wasabi, ginger and julienne vegetables
Spanish paella – for two  


Beef steak a'la Luka Gourmet Calabrian style with aubergine and roasted potatoes 
Beef steak Cafe de Paris with potato croquettes  
Lamb crown with thyme and couscous with dried fruit
Slices of beef steak a’la Robespierre on rucola with roasted potatoes and parmesan 
Beef steak tagliata with smoked ricotta and roasted potatoes
Veal medallions with porcini and roasted potatoes 
Veal medallions with prosciutto, sage and potato croquettes  
Grilled veal medallions with sage and fried potatoes 
Duck breast in orange sauce with witloof and roasted potatoes
Turkey steak au gratin with gorgonzola cheese, broccoli and potato croquettes 


St. Peter’s fish or Monkfish from the oven or grilled                                      
Sea bass baked in salt crust or grilled with potatoes and Swiss chart                                   
Turbot from the oven or grilled                                                                               
Monkfisk fillet with black truffles, zucchini and roast potatoes             
Sea bass fillet with lemon mashed potatoes, vegetable and herb sauce
Tuna steak with Sicilian tomatoes, capers and roast potatoes
Grilled squid with rucola and boiled potatoes with butter
King prawns XXXL in Salsa aglio olio peperoncino, basmati rice
Shrimp grilled or a’la buzara                                                                                                                                              



Black Angus Ireland 250g dry-aged 4 weeks
Beef Entrecote USA 300g dry-aged 5-6 weeks  
Argentina Rib-Eye 250g dry-aged 4 weeks
Fillet Mignon Australia 300g dry-aged 5-6 weeks 
T-Bone USA 500g dry-aged 5-6 weeks
Florentino Italy 600g 
Flank Steak New York strip 250g 
Slovene roastbeef 250g 
Luka Gourmet Burger 
Chicken fillet 200g 
Lamb cutlets New Zealand 250g 
XXXL King Prawns 300g 
Tuna Steak Atlantic sea 200g 
Salmon Norway 250g



Panna cotta 
Creme brulee
Raspberry and chocolate mousse
Mango cream with passion fruit jelly 
Pineapple sorbetto  
Cakes Luka Gourmet:
(chocolate, plum, almond with pear, carob...)
Selection of desserts Luka Gourmet
Ice cream 




Opening Hours
Monday to Friday:
10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.
12 till 10 p.m.
Sunday and national holidays:
12 till 4 p.m.


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